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10 Amazing Tips for Android Phones!

10 Amazing Tips for Android Phones!

We always have to face various problems while using mobile phones. Sometimes we turn to the service center for a very common problem. So we have highlighted some of the problems and their solutions that you can easily do yourself. This will save you time on the one hand and become a mobile expert on the other.

1. The sound of the phone is very low

It is often seen that the sound of the phone is very low, in this case, you can download the app called AudioBoost from Google Play. This will increase the sound of your phone by 30%.

2. Wi-Fi is not connected

Not having a WiFi connection is a common problem. In this case, select wi-fi> Settings> Menu> Advance and stay connected on your Android phone. If you are in the range, you will be connected to Wi-Fi with Android. This type of problem is more readable, especially when connecting to a new WiFi.

3. Can’t get the SD card

This may be due to a problem with the SD card. So first re-format the SD card via desktop computer or laptop. Then reformat the memory card from your phone and use it again on mobile.

4. It is difficult to see the phone’s screen in sunlight

In this case, you can increase the brightness of the phone screen. Or, you can easily view the screen in sunlight using an anti-glare screen protector.

5. My location is not showing correctly on the map

Select Use GPS satellites in Settings> Location. This will give you proper navigation.

6. How to delete all data of Android phone

You enter Settings> SD & Phone Storege> Factory Data Restore. Of course, save the data you need first. Because its format deletes everything on the phone.

7. The phone went into the water later

Quickly remove the battery of the phone and remove all the parts of the phone. Keep the phone in a dry place for about 72 hours. Then turn on your phone. This can fix your phone.

8. Keep search list secret

You login to with your Android browser and login. Here you can remove your previously searched history and select it so that future searches are not saved.

9. How to take a screenshot?

On some smartphones, the screen is captured when the back key and home button are pressed together. However, this method may not work for all smartphones.

10. The time on the phone clock is not right

The timing is not right because the phone is not automatic. If the network clock is slow, the phone time will be slow. For this, select Settings> Date & Time> Automatic. This will fix the time with the network.

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Tips for Android Phones



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