10 mistakes are never wrong if you have a gas cylinder at home

10 mistakes are never wrong if you have a gas cylinder at home

If you have a gas cylinder at home, it is better to follow some general rules. If you do not know these rules, you or your loved ones can be in big danger. Here are 10 essential rules for gas cylinders:

1. The rubber pipe attached to the gas cylinder must have an ISI mark. But one more thing to keep in mind is that the gas pipe should not be more than one to one and a half feet in length. In that case, there will be difficulty during the pipe test.

2. Make sure that the nozzle of the regulator is well covered with the pipe. Make sure that the gas pipe does not get stuck in any way with the hot burner.

3. Clean the pipe regularly with a damp cloth, but don’t forget to use soapy water. Replace the pipe every 2 years.

4. Do not cover the gas pipe with any kind of cloth or plastic to keep it clean. In that case, if the pipe bursts or leaks, it will not be caught.

10 mistakes are never wrong if you have a gas cylinder at home

5. Do not turn on any electric appliance in the house if you understand that there is a gas leak. Turn off the oven, regulator, windows, open the door.

6. If the odor does not stop within a few moments after the gas leaks, call the gas distributor’s office or helpline number. You can also put a safety cap on the face of the cylinder by separating the regulator from the cylinder.

7. When opening the gas regulator from the empty cylinder, make sure that no candle or lamp is lit in the vicinity.

8. A room must have at least 10 square feet of space to hold two cylinders. Do not place the cylinder in a place where it can easily overheat.

9. Never place any clothes, utensils, etc. on the top of the cylinder.

10. Place the gas oven at least six inches above the cylinder at all times. Make sure there is no direct air on the oven.



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