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13 strategies to quit smoking

13 strategies to quit smoking

If you want to commit suicide, smoke. And if you want to live in a beautiful world, you must quit smoking. Nowadays, many cigarette packs abroad have such warning signs written on them.

Smoking is deadly harmful to health. The harmful effects of smoking include lung cancer, narrowing of blood vessels in the heart, increased risk of heart attack, obstruction of blood flow to the brain, and loss of sexual ability. Many people want to banish this killer called smoking forever but for various reasons, smoking is no longer possible.

Experts suggest 13 ways to protect yourself from smoking addiction. Following these, of course, is possible without smoking.

Here are 13 ways:

1. Decide first why it is important for you to quit smoking. That is why you want to quit smoking. Such as reducing the risk of cancer and heart attack.

2. It is not okay to smoke without any kind of therapy or alternative medicine. Because in many cases the brain becomes dependent on the nicotine in cigarettes. As soon as you leave, various symptoms start. So we have to think about alternative therapies for cigarettes.

3. Alternatives to nicotine include gum, lozenges, etc.

4. Alternative drugs of nicotine can be taken.

5. Encourage other family members (if you are a smoker), friends, and colleagues to quit smoking together and announce to quit smoking together.

6. Try to reduce stress. Take a light massage if necessary.

7. Avoid alcohol.

8. Try to do housework to divert attention.

9. Try again and again to quit smoking. Once you quit, don’t smoke a second time.

10. Exercise regularly.

11. Eat plenty of green vegetables and colorful fruits.

12. Spend a portion of the financial savings you will have by quitting smoking on public welfare or light entertainment.

13. And quit smoking not to please your friend or boyfriend, but for your health. Take such a strong position.

13 strategies to quit smoking



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