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16 Necessary Tips for Laptop Care

16 Necessary Tips for Laptop Care

In this age of laptop technology, we use computers for various tasks of daily life. And if those tasks have to be done outside our home or in a place where there is no electricity, then laptops are very helpful and so far the only aspect. Many people may talk about tablets but so far the same number of tablets as laptops has not come into the market. However, in the future, it is possible that all the current work can be done on the tablet as well, as there is a strong tablet in the market with a very good configuration.16 Necessary Tips for Laptop Care

However, there are two types of portable laptop computers. One is a notebook and the other a netbook. We buy notebooks or netbooks based on the type of work we do. However, the durability of our laptop may be higher than usual if we use our laptop with some rules and care. It may have a better battery life. I am sharing the details with you and among these tips are some internal system tips which will be applicable not only for laptops but also for your desktop.

Let’s not know how to take care of your favorite and necessary laptop …..

1. Do not place anything heavy on the laptop. Since the thickness of the laptop is not very high and there is a display (monitor) part at the top, placing something heavy or putting some pressure on it can cause problems in the display of the laptop. It is worth mentioning here that changing the display in the technology market is a bit expensive.

2. Lower the lid of your laptop when needed. This will protect your laptop from unwanted accidents. It also prevents dirt or stains on the screen.

3. A lot of the time we work with laptops on hand. In this case, when moving the laptop from one place to another, never move it only by placing your hand on the part of the display (monitor). When working with your hands, be careful not to let the laptop slip out of your hand; Although many laptops now offer ‘Fall Protection’, that protection only works when worn from a very short distance. Remember, there are certain rules and regulations for electronics warranties or warranties, and the warranty or warranty will not work if you damage your device in any way outside of those rules.

4. Use the keyboard protector as well as the screen protector. This will prevent dust from accumulating through the gaps in the keyboard keys. Screen protectors are available in the market for 150 rupees and keyboard protectors for 60 to 70 rupees. You can also occasionally clean the keyboard with a mini vacuum cleaner. You will get a mini USB vacuum cleaner in the market for 250 rupees.

5. Many of us also use laptops for household chores. In that case, we usually use a laptop with a charger. One thing to keep in mind here is that every laptop manufacturer offers some applications to protect their laptop’s battery. For example, Dell provides their laptops with an application called QuickSet, which has some options, such as what percentage of the battery will not charge after being charged. All the features of Quickset are battery-related.

You can also protect the battery at least a little bit by using such applications for your laptop. And run the laptop on battery at least 2-3 times a week. This will keep your laptop battery good.

. Do not place or use the laptop in direct sunlight or in a place that is hotter than usual. However, sometimes it is better for the battery to leave the battery in the sunlight for a while, leaving half the charge of the battery.

. Do not install software on your laptop that you do not need. If necessary, you can save the backup file of the software on your hard disk at a later time.

. Occasionally scan the laptop computer’s hard disk with system cleaner software. If there are any system errors, the system care applications will fix them. In this case, tune-up utilities, advanced system care, etc. software is quite useful. You can try these. This applies to both laptops and desktops.

9. Use good quality antivirus. There is no substitute for good quality antivirus to protect desktops and laptops. I am giving a little information about this. The top three anti-viruses in the ratings last year were BitDefender, Kaspersky, and Norton Antivirus, respectively.

10. It is better not to play media files directly from the portable hard disk. This is because external devices require additional power to transmit data; In that case, use it by copying it to the hard disk of the laptop. The same rule applies to portable CD-DVD ROMs.

11. Try using a good CD-DVD on a laptop’s built-in CD or DVD ROM. This is because the lens of the CD or DVD ROM used in it is a little less powerful than the CD-DVD ROM of the desktop. Laptop CDs or DVD ROMs also consume extra power. So don’t play media files directly from CD or DVD ROM, copy them to a hard disk and then play.

Also if you keep a disc inside your CD or DVD ROM, even if you don’t use it sometimes the ROM works and the charge is lost. So it is better not to keep any CD or DVD inside the CD or DVD ROM unnecessarily. 16 Necessary Tips for Laptop Care

12. Don’t turn on Bluetooth and WiFi unless you need to, and use the ‘Hibernate’ option instead of ‘Shutdown’ and ‘Slip’. ‘Hibernate’ is the process of moving to a state that will store your tasks in a file and take you to a state that is almost non-existent. Resuming the system next time will return all your work progress to exactly where you hibernated.

You can also use sleep mode. It is capable of resuming the system faster than Hibernate. But it consumes slightly more power than hibernate. So the ‘Hibernate’ option is more useful to hold the battery charge.

13. Reduce screen brightness when using your laptop on battery. When using the laptop, make sure that there is no obstruction in front of the small ventilator of the laptop. After many days of use, the dust-sand coating inside the ventilator goes away; Clean them.

And if you are an advanced user, you can open the laptop and clean both the ventilator and the fan. It will get good results. But in that case, you must remember, “It is only for the advanced level.” I am trying to help you a bit with information on this. If you want, you can easily search from YouTube with the model of your laptop and find out exactly how to open your laptop. Let me remind you again, “This only applies to advanced level users.”

14. Go to Power Management and set the settings for exactly how long it will take for your computer to go into sleep mode or monitor while it is on battery or charge. “Screen saver” but does the opposite of battery saver. So keep it off.

15. Try to use a cooler as the laptop gets quite hot. You will get coolers in the market starting from 350 rupees to 2500-3000 rupees. But in my opinion, if you buy the middle-priced ones, your work will go away.

16. Use original accessories.

I have tried to write the details above, I hope you will benefit at least a little if you follow the tips. Remember, most of the accessories we get when we buy a laptop are original. But later on, it became difficult to get original accessories in our country. So take care of your laptop.

16 Necessary Tips for Laptop Care



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