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20x AWS RDP Giveaway 1GB RAM Only

20x AWS RDP Giveaway 1GB RAM Only

Howdy Everyone,

I shared the tricks with AWS RDP. Many people are suffering from Suspend Issue. For your information,  POST has been updated. To avoid Suspend Issue, you need to use Gmail / Outlook Mail and add New BIN. No VPN connection is required during Account Create.

POST Link: – How to Create RDP for 01 years using AWS Account

Only those who could not create an account will be able to participate in the Giveaway Account.

20x AWS RDP Giveaway 1GB RAM Only

  • Amazon AWS RDP
  • 1GB Ram
  • expiry Date 1 Year (but 1Week can run smoothly, 1year’s Guarantee I am not giving)
  • windows Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base

After receiving the account, there was a request to change the password

How to Change RDP Password (Pc & Mobile user Same Process)

20x AWS RDP Giveaway 1GB RAM Only

  • IP: -xx: Xxx: xxxxx
  • Username: -Te….
  • Password: -scih {& 8M
  • Permission Password: -XXXXXX

What is the Permission password?

: -: If you want to install the software in RDP, you have to give a password at the time of installation, I will give it to you in the Permission password Section.

That’s It, There is no Rule of Giveaway. Just give your Telegram Username. Account will be delivered to you in the Comment Section. (To Find Your Telegram Username go to “Settings”) At first, I will give Accounts to just 20 people, if everything is right then there is no problem, more Accounts can be given I promised

“Every day is your day if you claim it”

20x AWS RDP Giveaway 1GB RAM Only

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