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3 Additional Security Tips for Android Phones

3 Additional Security Tips for Android Phones

Most users now have a smartphone running Android. The use of phones in all daily activities is also increasing. At the same time, cyber-attacks are on the rise. And theft or the loss is happening.

In these cases, you may lose a lot of necessary and personal information. However, it is possible to protect the security of information on the phone with a little awareness.

In this tutorial, there are three strategies to keep information safe on Android devices.

Keep the phone locked

The first step in the security of the Android device is to turn on the screen lock of the phone. Then even if the phone falls into the hands of someone else, there will be no fear of data theft.

For this, you need to turn on the screen lock option from the settings. Passwords, patterns, and fingerprints can be used to lock. If the phone has a fingerprint feature, it should be used to lock the screen.

Encrypt feature turned on

Even if the phone is locked, users’ information can be stolen while exchanging information while the internet is on. So the encrypted feature should be turned on.

This feature can be found in the privacy options from the phone’s settings. If the feature is on, all the data of the phone will be safe.

3 Additional Security Tips for Android Phones
Launch Device Manager

Any time the smartphone can be stolen or lost. Even if the phone is not returned, it may contain a lot of personal photos or information, which can be a problem if it falls into the hands of someone else.

So you need to keep the Android Device Manager settings on. If this feature is turned on, if the phone is connected to the Internet, you can find out its location or delete all the data on the handset.



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