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5 Easy Ways to Increase WiFi Speed

5 Easy Ways to Increase WiFi Speed

At present, the number of net users in Bangladesh has increased a lot. Whether because of the excellent offers of mobile companies or for your own needs. But now many people are leaning more towards using WiFi again. In fact, even if there is WiFi, the speed is not available. So it is annoying to many. However, there may be various reasons behind the slowdown of WiFi. Some of the reasons for this are that you can heal yourself by using the method. There are 5 similar methods. You can try them once and maybe it will be useful for you.

Use the Internet close to the capacity of the router:

The router has a certain range of WiFi services. Also, the farther you go from the router, the slower the router will be. The WiFi signal from the router spreads 360 degrees. If you put a router in the middle of the house, you can get good speed all around. Extenders or repeaters can also be used to speed up the router.
The presence of people on the side of the router should be reduced: the human body prevents the speed of radio waves. If there are more people next to the router, the speed of the router is interrupted. So it is better not to have people around the router to provide uninterrupted WiFi service to the router.

Router storage space:

There is no option to use a high-quality router to use WiFi. However, the place to keep the router with the router should be suitable. As high as it can be held, the radio wave spreads around and high-speed internet service is available.
Caution in downloading large files: When downloading large files on a PC or laptop, the speed of WiFi decreases. Other devices do not speed up when downloading large files. So when the number of users is low, it is better to download large files.
Complex password: If the number of users increases as a result of using the open network, the speed of the router decreases. So you have to use WiFi with complex passwords. Then speed can be found like the mind.
5 Easy Ways to Increase WiFi Speed



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