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The 5 symptoms of cancer that men should not ignore

The 5 symptoms of cancer that men should not ignore

It is important to know the difference between normal pain and cancer symptoms. Most of the time, men do not get cancer at an early stage. Because the symptoms of cancer are ignored as a sign of a minor problem. But if the symptoms of cancer can be detected at an early stage, then cancer can be completely cured.5 symptoms of cancer

Symptoms of cancer in men include changes in resting habits, difficulty swallowing food, hoarseness in the throat, weight loss for unknown reasons, changes in the face, and pain in the stomach or lower abdomen.

Regular cancer screening tests are the best way to detect cancer at an early stage. Most people with cancer ignore the initial symptoms of their disease or do not notice anything until the situation becomes catastrophic.

However, the early symptoms of cancer are not very obvious and do not interfere with the normal process of daily life. As a result, people do not understand whether they actually have cancer. Let’s find out about 5 symptoms of cancer that men should not ignore at all.

5 symptoms of cancer

1. Changes in the urine: Changes in the flow of urine that can cause cancer Symptoms: Difficulty in starting the flow of urine, difficulty in stopping the flow of urine, weak urine flow, leakage or leakage of urine, changes in the rate of urination, testicles or testicles Swelling or contraction of the size of the inner flesh, weight gain of the testicles and problems with erection.

2. Changes in the face: Changes in the inside of the mouth and throat can be a sign of cancer: white spots inside the mouth (round spots or long spots), persistent pain in the mouth and throat, difficulty swallowing food, problems moving the lower jaw, loosening of teeth for unknown reasons, Swelling of the mouth, numbness or hypersensitivity of the lips, sores and sores on the cheeks or tongue or bleeding from the tongue, persistent cough or sore throat and bleeding with phlegm.

3. Breast changes: Breast cancer is very rare in men. Only 1% of breast cancers occur in men. And this is why men ignore the symptoms of breast cancer. Men’s breast cancer is mainly due to high levels of the hormone estrogen, harmful radiation, or a family history of breast cancer. Symptoms of breast cancer in men include enlargement of the breast, pain in the nipple, contraction or inversion of the nipple, soreness in the nipple, redness or lumps around the nipple to avoid pain, discharge from the nipple that looks like water, black or blood There may be an enlarged lymph node in the lower arm, nipple or redness around it.

5 symptoms of cancer

4. Stomach-related symptoms: Stomach and abdominal pain can be due to various reasons. But if the pain does not subside even after taking measures to reduce it, it can also be a sign of cancer. Symptoms of gastric cancer include loss of appetite, long-term acidity, heartburn (symptoms of stomach or throat cancer), vomiting – with or without blood, bloating, or accumulation of fluid in the stomach, pain in the stomach which may be a feeling of pressure (pancreatic cancer) ), Stomach cramps and discomfort (liver cancer), bloating with a small amount of food, blood in the urine or bowel movement (kidney or bladder cancer, colon cancer).

5. Weight loss for unknown reasons: Weight loss will not be a problem for those who are trying to lose weight for good health. But if you lose weight without any reason, then it is a sign of danger. If you have cancer of the pancreas, stomach or lungs, you may suddenly lose weight. In addition, overactive thyroid gland, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, or tuberculosis can lead to sudden weight loss.

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