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A mysterious object flew close to the sun!

A mysterious object flew close to the sun!

Mysterious objects flew from another solar system close to the sun. That object is probably a piece of rock protruding from another solar system in space.

That is what the astronomers think. The new piece of rock that scientists have discovered is 400 meters in length. Coming from another solar system, it has dropped out in front of the sun.

This was stated by astronaut Edward Bloomer of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. If it is possible to confirm that this piece of rock came from a solar system, then it can be said that this is the first time that an object from the outer solar system has reached our solar system.

According to scientists, the rock has its own power. As a result, it has been able to fly on its own, surpassing the gravity of the sun. And that is why the interest of scientists in research has increased.

It is thought to be part of a constellation in the outer solar system.

Maybe a few thousand or a trillion years old. Now that is what has come to our solar system. It looks like a rocky asteroid. Now scientists are interested in solving the mystery.

A mysterious object flew close to the sun

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