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Adda Coffee House is the story of that day

Adda Coffee House

Today, after 10 years, I came to the coffee house ……… to find the pebbles of memory …

Looks like everything is fine, but nothing like before, but some things seem very familiar,

The smell of that coffee, the old fan,

The old days suddenly began to float in front of my eyes …

I used to chat with everyone, I used to quarrel as much as I could, I used to be arrogant ……

As before, the day comes and night comes, but day and night do not become the same as before, because now the coffee house chat is lost between day and night ……

I have a deep breath in my mind, I want to throw it away, but I can’t ….

How can I …? 10 years have passed in the middle of the chest, can his memories be erased so easily …..

The day is gone, the night is gone, as I go, I suddenly realize that 10 years, it will no longer be calculated day and night ……

Now I’m just looking at the coffee house, can you …. ?? The coffee house to take my long breath out of those last 10 years.

Adda Coffee House


One day they get lost but no one ever knows their mind


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