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Advertise on Facebook Live Video!

Advertise on Facebook Live Video

Video, especially live video, will reign supreme in the coming days. And so technology companies have come up with the live video. Many are again trying to create new fields of income from this live video.

The social media Facebook is giving a lot of importance to the live video which is becoming popular quickly. They are already experimentally promoting live video ads.

Live videos that last more than 5 minutes.
In those videos, Facebook will show ads for a maximum of 20 seconds at any time. It’s a lot like a YouTube video.

According to Facebook, this ad has already started showing experimentally. Publishers will also get an option to pause the ad between Facebook Live videos.

Then they can promote the ad with live video breaks if they want. Exactly the same way an ad is shown on television with a break during a program.

However, there will be no opportunity to cut ads like YouTube. But it can change the type of ad considering the opinions and feedback of the users.

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Advertise on Facebook Live Video


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