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An emergency operation – an instructive story

An emergency operation – an instructive story

A doctor was rushed to the hospital in an emergency operation … He was rushed to the hospital … As soon as he entered the hospital, he quickly prepared himself for the surgery.

Then he went to the surgery block and saw the father of the patient (a little boy) walking there waiting for the doctor. As soon as he saw the doctor, the man shouted-

Is it so late for you to come? Do you have a sense of responsibility? Do you know how miserable my son is here?

The doctor smiled a little and said, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t in the hospital, I came home in a hurry, so it’s a little late. Now if you calm down a little and be patient, can I start my work?”

The man became more angry this time, he said in a shrill voice- “Shall I be cold?

What if your child was here today? What would you do if your child was standing in the middle of life and death? Sit quietly ??

The doctor smiled again and said, “I will say that the Holy Scriptures say that we are created from dust and we will disappear in the dust! The doctor cannot give long life to anyone … You keep praying for your child, we will try our best …

The man said again in an angry voice- It is very easy to give advice to others … If you were in such a situation you would understand …

Then the doctor went to the surgery room, it took about 2 hours, at the end of all the doctor came out with a smile on his face and came back to the patient’s father and said “Alhamdulillah the operation was successful”

Then, without waiting for an answer, the doctor said again – if you have any questions, ask the nurse, he said this, smiled, and left …

Then the man said to the nurse- why is this doctor so cruel? Couldn’t he stay here for a while …? I would ask her more about my child …!
Then the nurse said- Dr. Saheb’s son died this morning in a road accident, he got your phone and got up from his son’s janaza, now he ran again – to bury ..!

…Never judge a man by his outward behavior, because you never know what he is in! Criticism should not be done without knowing the doubt so we have to test our patience in the midst of danger

An emergency operation – an instructive story



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