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An excellent event in the time of Prophet Moses

An excellent event of the time of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him)

An excellent event in the time of Prophet Moses

Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) once asked Allah Ta’ala, O Allah!

Who will be with me in paradise? The answer was, omuk butcher!

Musa (AS) was very surprised to hear the name of the butcher in reply. After much searching, Moses took him out.

You see, the butcher is busy selling meat! Finally, the butcher wrapped a piece of meat in a cloth. Then he left for home. Moses followed him to his house with permission to find out more about him. When the butcher reached home, he cooked gosht.

Then he made bread and softened it with gosht broth. Then he entered the room inside the room and picked up an old woman who was sleeping. Then he began to put bread in his mouth.

After eating, the old woman said something. Immediately the butcher smiled.

Moses was watching from a distance.

But, did not understand anything. Moses (peace be upon him) asked the butcher about the old woman’s identity and smiling.

The butcher said, “She is my mother. After I came from the market, I cooked and fed my mother first.”

And, after eating, my mother came to my ears happy and prayed to Allah Ta’ala, saying,

“May Allah Ta’ala grant you Paradise and keep you with Musa (AS)”! When I heard this prayer, I smiled thinking that where is Musa (AS) and where am I. Prophet Moses

O Allah, make our minds like that of a butcher, may Allah Ta’ala grant us the tawfiq to serve our parents.





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