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Authorities allowed physical contact in public!

Authorities allowed physical contact in public!

In the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, there was no barrier to public sex. The city authorities have made such a law. However, the police will take action only if a third party lodges a complaint in this regard.

The law was enacted so that police could focus more on controlling crime in the city and not focusing on who is having sex.

The Guadalajara City Council has stated that “it is not a criminal offense to have sex in a public place, in an open space, in a car or in public.” If any citizen wants the intervention of the police, then it will be seen as an administrative crime only. That is what is being said in Rule 14 of Good Governance.

In Guadalajara, the police can only release the offender with a fine for administrative offenses. In some cases, a police officer may release him without warning if he wants to.

According to the defendants, the government is actually encouraging rapists and child molesters by giving away sex in public. However, those who support the reform of the law say, “There is no reason to be afraid.

If anyone sees someone being forced into sex, he or she must bring the matter to the attention of the police. ‘There are currently 1.5 million people living in this Mexican city.

However, Guadalajara is not the first city in Mexico. Vondelpark in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands has also allowed open sex for the past decade.

Source: The Independent


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