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Automatic billboards for car model identification

A billboard will be unveiled in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, identifying models of vehicles moving on the road and the year of manufacture. Automatic billboards for car model identification

The billboard is scheduled to be unveiled this fall. This new billboard automatically identifies the year and model of road car preparation. The car will show an advertisement for another car aimed at the driver, CNN reported.

If the driver of the car drives a Mercedes Benz and goes through the bottom of the billboard. However, it will identify the car and show him a special advertisement with a message.

Paul Turner, Claudian’s chief marketing officer, said: “The ad will be displayed in such a way as to say,” You who are in a Mercedes Benz can drive it instead of that car. ”

Claudian, a US software developer, is working with Japanese Densu on the billboard project.

The camera on the billboard will detect the car within 100 meters of the highway and accordingly aim at the car and show a similar advertisement for five seconds.

The company is said to be able to generate more revenue from advertisers by targeting specific vehicles.

The two companies checked the billboard earlier this year. In 94 percent of the tests, the billboard was able to accurately identify the model and year of manufacture.

A computer has been trained to perfect the billboard software by showing pictures of thousands of used cars. In this case, the two companies have shown the computer about four thousand pictures collected from different websites of each vehicle.

Based on artificial intelligence, the billboard can accurately identify cars. At present, it is trying to identify 200 different models of vehicles, CNN reported. Automatic billboards for car model identification


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