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Be careful when charging your mobile!

Be careful when charging your mobile!

If you have connected a mobile phone to a public Wi-Fi spot for so long, you have heard about the dangers of hacking. Be careful when charging your mobile

Experts say that even if the mobile is charged in an unknown place, there is a risk of being hacked. Smartphones can be hacked in minutes by charging the device with a USB charger at airports, cafes, or any other crowded place.

Researchers at the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab say that hackers can install viruses or third-party applications, which can be passed from a computer to a smartphone via a USB cable.

That smartphone can be hacked in just three minutes.

Researchers have found that both iOS and Android platforms can steal many files, including device names, manufacturers, and serial numbers, while charging.

In 2014, researchers reported on the hacking of USB chargers but could not prove it. But this time, Kaspersky researchers have shown that.

“There are security risks,” said Alexei Komarov, a researcher at Kaspersky Lab. If you are a regular user, then the device ID may be inserted into the phone adware or ransomware virus.

However, if the rogue acts as a large organization, the risk of falling into the hands of big professional hackers is not unreasonable.

Researchers at Kaspersky said that to learn this type of hacking you need to have good skills. Many rogues can do this by browsing the internet.

How to be saved

1. Do not charge USB with an unfamiliar computer.

2. Use a password on your mobile. Use it if you have a fingerprint. Do not unlock while charging.

3. Use WhatsApp or messaging app to communicate.

4. Although antivirus is annoying, it can be useful in this case.

5. Keep the mobile operating system up to date.

Be careful when charging your mobile


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