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Blogger vs WordPress? Which one to choose for blogging?

Blogger vs WordPress? Which one to choose for blogging?

Which is better than Blogger vs WordPress? There are very few people who have not questioned the blogger or WordPress!

So today I will show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of blogs and WordPress by which you can understand which is actually better!

First, let’s talk about Blogger-

Advantages of Blogger: –

1. You don’t have to buy any hosting for free! That means you don’t have to buy any hosting for blogging every month!

2. It can be accessed very easily, which means you can use it very easily if you are new!

3. One downside of the website is that whenever you apply for AdSense or any other ad network it goes down due to bad hosting!

But the blog never goes down because it is hosted with a Google server!

4. It is 100% trusted!

5. You can use Lifetime ( domain for free!

6. You do not have to spend extra to buy any template! That means you will get it for free!

The disadvantage of the blogger: –

1. Here are some limitations to SEO!

2. One of the worst things about blogging is that if you have an AdSense account, there is no plugin in blogging to make it safe!

3. Blogger does not give any latest updates for their users! This means that if you do not receive any updates, you will need to use the old version day after day!

4. There is no plugin for blogging site SEO so you can SEO your site very easily!

Now let’s talk about WordPress!

Advantage Of WordPress: –

1. You will get many free plugins to SEO the website that you can use to easily SEO your site!

2. You can customize your blog completely professionally! You can also sort the status published in WordPress at ease

3. Plus, you’ll be getting better plugins to secure your AdSense account! Because your AdSense can be blocked due to many clicks on the same ad!

4. WordPress will give you all the time updates because they want to deliver their service to the users better! And so that users are more motivated!

The disadvantage of WordPress.

2. First you need to buy a domain and good quality hosting!

2. If your hosting is not good then your website can go down at any time! This is why you have to buy good and high-quality hosting! Although it is very expensive!

3. It’s hard to use if you’re new! You have to work hard to bring it under your control!

4. Definitely need a good theme to give the website a nice guy! And if you want to use a good theme, you have to pay a lot for it!

Now find out which one is my Blogger vs WordPress? Which one to choose for blogging?.

I will actually give priority to blogging! In some cases! Because here you will get a free domain! Moreover, you do not have to spend any hosting!

Moreover, if you are new, then you will use blogging because there will be no extra cost for you! Then you can change the decision by earning from blogging!

And if you have dollars you can use WordPress! Because it will easily help your website rank with a few plugins!

It would be wrong to say that only WordPress sites rank in Google! There are also many blog websites that rank very easily on Google! That will be the case for you too if you focus on your content and keep up the good work!

Moreover, there are many differences between blogging and WordPress! Now you decide which one to use! Both are good! If you do well, you will succeed one day or another!

So I hope you like it so far today! Thanks for staying with me!

Blogger vs WordPress?



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