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Carding Tutorial: Credit Card Hacking. Episode Part-1: Concept

Today I am bringing a new tutorial. This tutorial is very different from the previous ones. It is completely top black hat hacking. Many may be familiar with it. For those who are not familiar, I am starting from the beginning. Credit Card Hacking

Carding Key: Normally you understand that it is related to the card. Usually, the credit card information is hacked carding. Not only this, there are many types of carding. Remember that if you can get access to your Coinbase or any other online account, it is also carding.

But an example of a case where carding is used more is to buy a product at a lower price or for free. For example, suppose I buy a  5 gift card from an online shop. Normally I have to pay 6 6 for it.
But I can pay from my PayPal for 2 1/2 or  0 through carding and buy the gift card. This method is called Html Injection.
Many may not believe it. If you have ever visited the online gift card shop on the dark web, you will see that the price of the gift cards there is much lower than the normal shop. Because they are hacked through carding and then sold. Learn more from Google.

★ Risk of carding (Credit Card Hacking)

Carding is a very serious crime. Although all hacking is a crime. You can learn this carding but you should not try without proper safety. If you think you are safe by connecting VPN then you will be in a lot of danger. I will write about it some other day. Those who want to try must not think of the Bangladeshi website You can try your own safety. So understand and work.

★ Carding Method:

A category of carding hacking. Which hacking technique or method you will use to complete this procedure will depend on the vulnerability of the website. Sqli, Html injection, XSS, csrf
Any method can be.

sqli: This way we can get credit card information.

xss / csrf: This method can be used to hack the account with a modified link.

Html injection: I have already discussed this method. Price value can be changed.
Also many methods can be used. Which one to use depends on you and the website.

Carding is one of the black hat hacking. Usually, we hack the website and deface it. This is also black hat hacking. But the owner of the website does not care if you do not defend the home. So usually there is no legal problem. More deadly and if you use this method on someone from Bangladesh to another country and if detected it can be not only jail but much more. This method is called docking.

★★ If you can use Doxing, you can take full control of someone’s device. By which you can do everything including a gallery picture of a specified person, all phonebook numbers, IP, location, IMEI number, mail. You may have heard that the main leak of some American politician has been leaked. Or a scandal of a celebrity has been leaked. These are examples of doxing. However, hackers doxing for bitcoin or large sums of money and hack sensitive data. Many people think that this can be done by any person with very simple rat or spyware software. Yes, it is possible, but in this case, the victim has to install this app. There is no need for it in doxing. The hacker accesses the victim unknowingly. The process is also complicated. (Facebook)

★★ Note: You will not find the full text of this tutorial anywhere. I will not write anything about this Doxing topic. So don’t comment on this tutorial.

In the next tutorial, I will show the carding on a live website. The tutorial is almost finished. I will post it very soon.

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