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Change 7 Habits Now to Survive Corona

Change 7 Habits Now to Survive Corona

Not only is the infected person sneezing and coughing, but the terrible coronavirus can spread even if unclean. Experts say that there are some habits in daily life that contribute to the increase in coronary heart disease.Change 7 Habits Now to Survive Corona

1. Keep fingernails and chew the nails with the mouth. Many have such habits. According to experts, in such a practice, germs can go directly from the hands to the mouth

2. Many people have acne problems in the face Many people are picking it up again In this case, it would not be right to forget. Because nails can contain coronavirus.

3. Change the habit of touching your hair from time to time. Because if you turn your head, the hand goes there first, then it can spread to the face

4. Many people change their bed sheets every two to three weeks. But this cannot be done at this time. Change or clean bed sheets at least twice a week.

5. If the basin is in the toilet, do not put the toothbrush in it Then the possibility of infection may increase

. If food is stuck in the gap between the teeth, many people take it out with their fingers. But don’t do that now. Because corona can enter the body from the finger.

. No need to share food on the same plate at this time. Stay away from this habit now even if it is a family member. Source: News Eighteen

Change 7 Habits Now to Survive Corona

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