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Check out the new Bid Insights feature from

Check out the new Bid Insights feature from

So let’s see what will be in it

  • Project
  • Time to bid
  • Bid Rank
  • Winning Bid
  • Your Bid
  • Actions Taken
  • Client Information
  • Client’s Verification
  • Chat Initiated

Check out the new Bid Insights feature from

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Project: This will show the titles of all the projects you have bid.
Time to bid: You can see how long it took to bid for the project here. The faster you bid, the sooner you will catch the eye of the client.
Bid Rank: You will see the number of your rank in all the bids in the bid ranking. The lower your rank, the faster you can get noticed by the client.
Winning Bid: It will show how many dollars you have taken the project.

Your Bid: Here’s how many dollars you bid on the project.
Actions Taken: If you know about this, you can update it.
Client Information: The client can see in the information of any country, client profile rating, how much work the client has done.
Client’s Verification: In Client’s Verification, you can see if the client’s payment method has been verified, his profile, email, phone number and KYC have been verified.

Chat Initiated: If the client sends you a message, you will get this option. Moreover, you can not message the client.
I added an image to facilitate understanding. I hope it will be clear.

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