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Cloud Rain Love Story – My first encounter with Cloud

Cloud Rain Love Story – My first encounter with Cloud

My first meeting with Megha was about 2 years ago today. When the sun is about to set on a falling afternoon. Just then I was coming home from class. Just tired of the pressure of the class all day. I sat down to get a seat on the bus. A girl was sitting next to him. When the bus helper came to hire me, I paid the rent. Cloud Rain Love Story – My first encounter with Cloud

But the girl next door said to take the rent later. When the helper left, the girl was talking to someone on the phone.

I understood from the conversation that he has no money. I never talk to strangers. But after placing the phone I told him not to make any tension with the rent.

I’ll pay. Immediately he started arguing with me. Huge panpanani started with why I would hire him, what was bothering me.

I was very tired so I said no more and apologized to him and put my head on the seat. After a while, it seems that the helper came and started screaming in huge pairs.

A few curious people got up from the front seat and started talking. I looked to the side and saw that the very tough girl had completely collapsed in shame. I said no more and gave 10 rupees to the helper. He didn’t say a word all over the street again.

I said in my mind what kind of mind girl! Didn’t even give a thank you. The world is weird. At the next stop and when he started to get off, he suddenly said- give me your mobile number. I will make the money Flexi. I gave him my mobile number. That night 10 rupees came to my mobile. As soon as I got the money, I laughed in my mind.

Cloud Rain Love Story

A few days later. I came to the book fair one day walking alone. Lots of young people around. My feelings were changing every second. At one time it seemed extremely boring to come alone. It would have been much better with friends. Again, it seemed that I had done it alone. I have a complete insanity again.

Every scene I see seems to be why I dreamed a few days ago! Suddenly the ring on his pocket mobile rang.

Completely unknown number one. He did not want to receive the phone tone. I did that too. A girl’s voice from Opash first asked if I was busy !! People say hi hello when they call. But this is the first time I’ve seen him ask if he’s busy. Seeing my hesitation, he said from the side that she was the girl of that bus. I almost forgot that incident. Anyway, let’s talk for a while. Suddenly he said and at the book fair. I ate the whole task. Then I told him about my position. He knew everything and told me to stand like a bot-tree for 4 minutes. I began to obey his orders.

But after a while, I thought he would run away if he saw my ugly face! Since I have already said that, I have to stay. As soon as he came, he started giving a big speech about the miserable condition of my face. Hey dad, I don’t know each other’s names, that’s all! In the middle of more words, his name was introduced. I understood from the words that both of them are book crazy. Starting from there. What an unknown obstacle. I couldn’t cut the bond, I couldn’t break it.

Cloud Rain Love Story



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