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Come and visit Natore’s Halti Bill during Eid holidays

Come and visit Natore’s Halti Bill during Eid holidays

Halti Beel or Halti Beel is a bill belonging to Naldanga Police Station, 10 km north of Natore Sadar. It is also used as one of the entertainment centers in the region. The road from Patul to Khajuraho is more interesting as a recreation center. When the bill becomes full of water in the rainy season, the beauty of this road continues to grow. The tourist crowd then continues to grow.

The small villages that are like islands inside the bill are more captivating.

Come and visit Natore's Halti Bill during Eid holidays
There is no sea in the north, so the beach is a dream for the people of this region. However, the Halti Bill of Natore is now filling the gap of the sea to the sea-loving people of this area.
The turbulent waters and waves of Halti Beel seem to make anyone’s mind feel better in an instant. A 6 km long road was constructed in the middle of this beel of rain water and crop land in winter in 2004.
Many shops, hotels, etc. have sprung up in different places centered on the tourism industry. Thousands of people are coming to this bill every day to taste the sea. As soon as you go to Patul-Khajura road in front of the bill, you will see the signboard ‘Patul Mini Cox’s Bazar’ written in big letters. As soon as you take two steps along the path, you will see the surging water.

Come and visit Natore’s Halti Bill during the Eid holidays

Come and visit Natore's Halti Bill during Eid holidays

How to go

From the Madrasa junction of Natore Sadar, one can go by auto, van, car, motorbike, Vadvadi Nachimon to Char Patul’s Second Cox’s Bazar, which is known as Halti Bill. This bill is located in Patul village of Piprul union. It is located at a distance of 2.5 km from Naldanga Upazila.

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