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Computer Tips-Fancy Ways to Cool Laptops!

Computer Tips-Fancy Ways to Cool Laptops!

Does your laptop get hotter after running for a long time? Copper coins can be used to prevent excessive overheating of the laptop. A fancy way to keep a laptop cool was posted on Twitter by a man named Aquinori Suzuki from Japan. As he posted on Twitter, he piled up 10 yen (Japanese currency) coins (copper coins) and placed them in front of the MacBook Pro screen. His claim is that copper can absorb excess heat from laptops. Computer Tips-Fancy Ways to Cool Laptops!

He claimed that this simple method can prevent the computer from overheating.

Experts say copper is more heat-conducting than the aluminum used in computers. According to thermodynamics, copper acts as a heat conductor and absorber more than the plastic or aluminum contained in laptops.

However, they cautioned that the method was not properly tested and that there was no guarantee that it would work equally well for everyone. However, some Twitter users have been successful in using this method.

What to do to keep the laptop cool

1. Check if the indoor fan is working properly. You will find fan testing software available online.

2. Check if there is any dirt on the laptop where the air comes out. Clean the dirt with a cloth or brush.

3. Buy a stand for laptops. This will make the laptop less hot.

4. Do not leave unnecessary programs on the laptop for long.

5. Do not use the laptop on the bed for a long time. Use in cool environments.

. Check the BIOS settings and change the temperature settings conveniently from there.

Computer Tips-Fancy Ways to Cool Laptops!

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