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Create a website for yourself for free from these 5 sites

Create a website for yourself for free from these 5 sites

Today’s topic is how to create a website for free. I will share it with you today. Some of those websites share. From that site, you can create for yourself or any website. Without any money

There are many who want to have their own website.

But you may not know how to do it. First, you have to learn how to build a website with money if you don’t learn. Then you will go after it with difficulty.

The first thing you need to learn to create a website is coding.

An online website cannot be created without this coding. I will tell you about the website today.

Here you can create your own site for free. You can also try to learn coding. In particular, you should know that HTML and PHP are the two programs currently being used to create websites.

There are more programming codes such as CSS. Java Script, Js, there are many more. You will try to do the coding yourself by creating a website. Since there is no money business here, there will be no problem if something is lost.

You can learn at your own pace. You can also learn coding for free from You can also learn for free from here and take courses with money.

Will depend on your own work. The more skill your website has, the more chance you will have to succeed. So let’s create a site for yourself from some of today’s free sites

Create a free website from Blogger (BLOGGER>).

Blogger is used to creating the most popular ribbon website. From here you can create any type of website. Blogger was created by Google for free.

The best part is that Google AdSense, the most popular ad network right now, will get you approved here. A subdomain will be given here. The name of the website you name will be

For example, I named a website TechNet. The full address of this domain will be

Here you need to use easy coding HTML and here you can create a good quality website. Then you will definitely get Google AdSense.

Create a free website from WordPress

Nowadays people are buying domain hosting and creating websites from WordPress. The reason I said it’s free is because of it. You can’t earn anything by creating a website from here for free just to learn

I have already said that you have to have ideas and skills. You can learn everything for free for the job you want to do and then create a website with money. Here you can get a C-panel and install WordPress

Create a free website from wapkiz

It is very easy to create a website from here and it is also easy to do coding. Here you can create any website you want. Even after earning a lot from Wapkiz, you can publish various ads on your site.

Here are some subdomains like and many more subdomains you can find here. You can create a website with Html. You can also upload extra themes here

If you know HTML well then you can create a website of any model. The main website is

Create free websites from waphosts

You can also create a website from here. However, you will get only 2 subdomains here. and There are about 14 different types of themes. You can’t upload any extra themes here

If you have your own skills. Then you can create a website by coding from here without any theme. And here you will not find a very good ad network ad. However, you will get some ad network that will reduce the income.

Create a free website from Wapka

Here you have to work on your own skills. You won’t find any extra themes here. All you have to do is do it. Other websites upload extra themes and the site has themes. But you can’t do anything here. You have to design the website by coding yourself.

I used to get Google AdSense here but now I don’t think it is available anymore

Create a website for yourself for free from these 5 sites

Last word

I hope you like the post. If you have the patience, you can succeed online. I gave the sites above. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


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