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The difference between real and fake Samsung phones

The difference between real and fake Samsung phones

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Let me show you how to tell the difference between a real and a fake Samsung phone

Because nowadays in the market fake tea is sold in place of the original at the price of the real tea. Gadgets & Gears caught a lot of fake phones that day that they were selling under the real name.

* There is a black-shaped blank around the screen.

★ The home button of the original smartphone will be very close to the bottom of the screen. Duplicates have a little down, which is not understood if not noticed.

★ Scratching Samsung’s logo on a fake phone with nails or anything else will lift it.

★ A flip cover is usually provided free of charge with a packet of counterfeit smartphones, which does not accompany the original phone.

* Fake phone will be far away from the corner of the screen. Stays close to the original

★ Some sensors will not work

Scritti made of cheap glass

* Even if you do not understand whether it is a real or fake phone by applying the above methods, you can take an LCD test. Press * # 0 * # on the phone. If the phone is real, the LCD test can be seen on the screen immediately. It will never come in a fake set.

** On actual phone * # 1234 # Pressing version AP, CP and CSC serial number, * # 0 * # Pressing General test mode and * # 0228 # will show the battery status. These ‘codes’ do not work on fake phones.

Real and Fake Samsung Phones (Real and Fake Samsung Phones)



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