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Do you know why water bottles have an expiry date?

Do you know why water bottles have an expiry date?

Ever noticed. All packaged foods sold in shopping malls or department stores have a fixed expiration date. After that, eating them is very harmful.

However, most people do not notice these things when buying. The same thing applies to mineral water. You can tell. Pure water is never bad again! Yes, if it is filled in a plastic bottle.

Yes, mineral water also has a fixed expiration date for this plastic bottle. Drinking it after that is not healthy at all. Many people do not want to drink water even if they eat food from the roadside shop. However, it is less harmful than expired bottle juice.

Why? Doctors say that highly harmful compounds are emitted from expired bottles into bisphenol A. Which inhibits the secretion of normal hormones in the human body.

The compound is directly linked to breast cancer, male infertility, heart disease, and brain damage. This same compound is also found in ATM slips. Doctors think it is reasonable to tear it off quickly after use.

That bottle is filled with water. It can be used for 15-20 days. However, many people have been using this bottle at home for a long time. If these bottles are kept in the sun, more bisphenol is emitted.

If used exclusively. However, it is better to keep it in a cool and relatively dark place. Care should be taken so that no stains or dirt accumulate on the bottom of the bottle. Keep in mind, these bottles are made for one-time use.

So do not use these bullets at home in any way. Even if you do, throw it away within a month.

Do you know why water bottles have an expiry date?

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