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Does the F5 Button Really Work?

Does the F5 Button Really Work

The computer is getting slow from time to time. Since when has the mouse cursor been moving round and round. Loading is loading as soon as you download something. F5 Button Really Work
Nothing new is being uploaded. Clicking with the mouse is not working. The computer hangs. At that time we gently press the F5 button a few times. Or right-click and click a few times on the refresh option.
Today, no one remembers who taught them how to do it after getting chalk on the computer. He said that if you do it, the computer will be refreshed. The computer runs fast.
And the computer started working properly again. It is our daily habit. But do you know why it is refreshed, or if refreshing does not work at all?
It is believed that pressing or refreshing the F5 button clears the computer’s RAM. Many programs running in the background on the computer are shut down.
As a result of shutting down useless programs, the computer starts running faster again. With this idea, we refresh when the computer is not running.
In fact, refreshing the browser’s cache memory is cleared. The F5 button or refresh doesn’t do more than that. So from now on, if you take time to work on the computer, be patient without refreshing unnecessarily.
Then your computer will start running normally again. Or take another approach.


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