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Download a short review of Karwaan movie 2018

Download a short review of Karwaan movie 2018

To reach the destination, you have to cross the road and move forward. How many of them are met and how many are lost… Yet there is no stopping. I have to go ahead.

Mind a refreshing movie. Director Aakash Khurana has managed to turn a simple story into a movie by directing it quite well. The cinematography of the movie is quite beautiful. Each frame seems to have been done with great care. Screenplay and quite impressive. The screenplay makes the whole plot quite interesting.

Moreover, the work of characterization is also quite smooth. The songs are just as good. The locations were eye-catching. Cinematography and such a location as a visual treat. Like the background score and the timing are perfect. All in all, it has a very commendable make-up.

Dulquer Salman’s first Bollywood movie. Another Malayalee spoke Hindi so smoothly that I didn’t think it was his first Hindi Karwaan movie. Dulquer Salman always acts naturally.

He was also acclaimed for his performance in this movie. The comic timing of the late actor Irrfan Khan was unmatched in this movie. He is the only one who has laughed more throughout the movie. Mithila Palkar started liking this movie. A very cute and talented actress. I also like Kriti Kharbanda’s few minutes of cameo.

(Light Spoiler)

Plot: Abinash is a software engineer. Her father died while traveling. I have to go to Kochi from Bangalore and bring my father’s dead body. The friend went out to the beach. He went and found out that the body had gone to someone else. Another body came in the name of Abinash. Now there is only one thing to do – to bring back this body and bring back the body of the father. Introducing a new one again…

All in all, this movie is a must-watch for refreshing. Comedy is for good message and great acting but it can be seen effortlessly. Love it Karwaan Movie!

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