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Learn 14 tips and tricks about Facebook!

Learn 14 tips and tricks about Facebook!

It’s very difficult to be off the radar of Facebook. But if you want to hide in the world’s largest social network, it can be possible through some strategies. Now you can see what your friends gave you, what you are doing, etc.

But here are some tips so that your activity can be seen completely on Facebook.

1. First, click on the ‘Lock’ icon on the top right of the profile. Then click on ‘See More Settings.

2. Then you will get ‘Privacy Settings and Tools. Now click on ‘Who Can See My Future Posts?’ And ‘Only Me’.

3. You can click on the ‘Can Past Posts’ option in the ‘You Can See Your’ post box to make sure that your previous posts can only be viewed by friends or everyone or even friends of friends.

4. From the ‘Who Can Send You Friend Requests’ option, you can change the ‘Everyone’ to ‘Friends of Friends. This will stop the ‘friend request’ from anyone.

5. You can choose who can contact you from the ‘Whose messages do I want to be filtered into my inbox’ option. You can take it from ‘Basics’ to ‘Strict’.

6. If you do not want to open the email given on Facebook to everyone, go to the ‘Who can look you up using the email address you provided’ option and change it to ‘Friends’ instead of ‘Everyone’.

7. The same procedure can be done in the case of hiding a phone number.

8. This option is quite important. Many people can find out a profile by searching for your name on Google. To turn it off, you need to uncheck the ‘Do you want another search engine to link to your timeline?’

9. You can then decide from ‘Timeline and Tagging Settings’ who can post to your timeline and view your posts. ‘Who Can See Posts You’re Tagged In On Your Timeline’, ‘Who Can See What Others Post To Your Timeline’ and ‘When Tagged In A Post, Who Do You Want To Add To The Audience If They Can Already See It’ – Make these options ‘Only Me’.

10. Now you can see if you have been tagged in a post or image. Turn on the ‘Review Posts That Friends Tag You In Before Their Appearance On Your Timeline’ and ‘Review Tags People Add To Your Own Posts Before The Tags Appear On Facebook’. And take the ‘Whose Tag Suggestions When Photos That Look Like You Uploaded’ option to ‘No One.

11. Go to the ‘Who can follow me’ option and decide who can see your post. Make ‘Friends’ instead of ‘Everyone’.

12. From the list on the left, go to AdWords. Fix ‘No One’ here and then ‘Save Changes’. Do the same with AdWords and Friends.

13. Now disable ‘Apps, Websites and Plug-ins’ from ‘Enabled’ to ‘Disabled’.

14. Again, if you want to see your post from old Facebook or mobile-only for yourself, go to the ‘Old Versions of Facebook for Mobile’ option and do ‘Only Me’.

Learn 14 tips and tricks about Facebook!
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