Fairy tales Story

Fairy tales of the Grimm brothers

Fairy tales of the Grimm brothers

That was a long time ago An old carpenter lived in a village He used to cut wood in the forest He used to cut wood all day, sell it in the market and earn as much money as he could Family is just a little boy 6

The woodcutter saved some money little by little from the family expenses Then one morning he handed the money to the boy and said,

: I have saved some money for you You are my only child You have to go to school Let’s get you admitted to school You can help me when I’m too old to read and write, when I can’t work I will not be able to use an ax in my old age Tell me, what else do I have to do but sit by the fire in the house?

The boy was admitted to the school I started studying very carefully Before going to college, he went to their village

Ah … how beautiful their village is Mountains on three sides, forest on one side Dense forest 7 How many trees are there?

Seeing the boy, the father said

: Look, I can’t do anything for you anymore I can’t work more than I need to buy bread to feed my stomach

Seeing the condition of the father, the boy said

: Look, Dad, I have nothing to worry about God willing, we can have the best

The father looked at the boy This year, her son has become quite intelligent

The next day, when the father went out to cut wood, the boy said

: Dad, I want to go with you too I will also cut wood

: You can do that But this work will be very difficult for you You are not accustomed to such hard work There is no other ax in our house There is no money to buy a new one The boy said

: It’s not a problem ৷ We can borrow an ax from our neighbor I know we can buy a new ax by selling wood

Dad borrowed the ax from the house next door The two went to the forest together There are various kinds of birds The sound of chirping ৷ How many kinds of trees, wild various species of small trees in the ground, there are also algae Dad started cutting the branches of the tree But this was not an easy task for the boy

The old man said when the sun was just above his head

Let’s take a rest You also need to eat lunch

The boy said

: Dad, you rest I would rather look in this direction I have seen several bird nests here

Dad said

: Stupid boy 6 If you turn around like this, you will get tired Can’t work 7 If you don’t work, you can’t buy a new ax

With a little smile on his father’s words, he went out to see the forest When he climbed an old oak tree, he heard the sound of wheat Desire 7

Save me, save me

At first the boy was quite scared of who was saying that Said

: Where are you?

: I under the oak tree 7 near the roots

The boy started digging A blue bottle was found under a large oak tree The word 6 is coming from there After a little talk, he opened the bottle cap Then the smoke started coming out And that smoke at one time took the shape of a giant He said as soon as the black monster came out

: I have been released 6 This time I will twist your neck

The boy was not afraid Said wisely

: I don’t believe you talk You are so big but what do you do when you get into this small bottle? Show me 7 As soon as the monster entered the bottle again, the boy closed the bottle cap. ………. What happened then?

Fairy tales of the Grimm brothers



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