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Find out the unknown facts of ten known histories of the world

Find out the unknown facts of ten known histories of the world

The curiosity to know the unknown is strong among people. There are many unknown histories in the world whose mysteries have not yet been revealed. Again, there are some known histories about which we have misconceptions. Let’s find out today about some of the unknown things in the known history of the world.

The Titanic did not sink due to the impact of the ice

People are still shocked by the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. But new research says otherwise. A recent study found that the Titanic caught fire about three weeks before it hit the ice, which no one noticed. Twelve people tried to put out the fire, but the ship’s structure was badly damaged. When the outer part of the ship was punctured, the Titanic sank as it collided with a piece of ice.

The inventor of the telephone is not Alexander Graham Bell

Although Alexander Graham Bell is thought to have invented the telephone, he did not invent the first telephone. Bell was one of those who worked with the idea of ​​the telephone at the time. Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray invented the telephone in the 180s. However, he was recognized as the inventor of the telephone in 1875.

Mystery of Columbus’s discovery of America

The earth is not flat land, Christopher Columbus discovered America to prove it, as many know. But this is not true. Columbus just wanted to prove that not only the east, but also the west could be used to go from Europe to China. He himself used a shortcut road for this journey, which took him to American soil. It is also known that he landed in a Caribbean country, not on American soil.

Pocahontas was no longer in love with John Smith

The love affair between Pocahontas and John Smith in the Disney fairy tale was wrong. The fact is, however, that Pocahontas had no love affair with John Smith. Pocahontas reportedly saved John Smith from his father’s murder. Smith considers him incomparable in intellect and knowledge. As a result, mutual respect was established between them, and later good relations were established.

Anne Boleyn did not have six fingers

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII and Queen of England. She was the first queen to be beheaded in front of everyone. As many know, Anne Boleyn had six fingers. There was a belief at that time that if something special was seen in someone’s body, he would be compared to a witch. Anne Boleyn was thought of as such. Anne Boleyn, however, did not have six fingers on her hand, she only used extra nails for beauty.

That is not true of George Washington

There is a lot of misinformation about the teeth of George Washington, the first president of the United States, and the thorns of his father’s cherry tree. Mr. Washington has a misguided history of shiny white teeth, none of which is true. Many thought his teeth were made of wood. In fact, his teeth were made up of gold, ivory, lead, humans, and other animals. And cutting cherry trees is also wrong.

Chinese foot-tied custom

China’s ancient history of foot-dragging comes from gender inequality. From the beginning of birth, the girl child was tortured. According to this custom, girls aged 6 years and below were tied tightly from toe to ankle so that their feet could not grow properly. The feet were soaked in a special liquid. The nails were also cut and the fingers were bent so that they could not grow normally.

Dred Scott’s decision is not to be released

The main purpose of Dread Scott was to spread heat in the north, not to free Scott. In 1846 Dredd Scott filed a lawsuit seeking his release. It took him 11 years to reach the Supreme Court. However, he lost the case. His aim, however, was not to liberate himself but to spread the heat in the north. His political motives eventually succeeded. Even if he loses, let him win.

Find out the unknown facts of ten known histories of the world

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