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Find people who make threats by calling on mobile phones

Find people who make threats by calling on mobile phones

There can be no such thing as a constant call or miscellaneous call from an unknown number on mobile. Especially for girls, this suffering is completely unwritten. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! But think about it, if the name and address of this unknown person were in your hand in a minute, and you could make a very good threat by calling him by his name, or you could easily give his name and address to the police, wouldn’t it be better! Not a dream at all, with the advancement of technology you can do this little thing just sitting at home. You can download your smartphone from the Google Play Store in a matter of seconds, from these unknown numbers to the name and address of the caller, everything.

True caller:

You can find these small apps in the Google Play Store. Install it on your phone. Then as soon as the call comes from an unknown number, the caller’s name will appear on your phone like magic. But yes, the condition applies. If that number is registered in his name, then you will get this facility. And if that person has used this number on Facebook, then you will see it with his picture! See if anyone you know is doing this annoying thing to you! You can block this caller for free as an additional payment.


The annoying number of having to call again and again but you can also track through Facebook. Go to the search option of Facebook and type the phone number. If the person uses this phone number in his account (most likely to), he can be easily found.

(Other Way Facebook Forgot password to find out his name and profile picture.)

LINE whoscall:

Like many TrueCallers, it will show you the registered name and other information of an unknown caller and its address if the location is on his mobile.

Mobile Number Locator:

This app will know the registered name of the caller from an unknown number. One of the advantages of the app is that it works without an internet connection. This app gives details of the caller and recipient during incoming and outgoing calls. This app will also show the location of the caller with the help of a Google map.

So why delay, take off the mask of the annoying phone or miscellaneous person. ”

Find people who make threats by calling on mobile phones



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