Five foods that can damage the kidneys

Five foods that can damage the kidneys

Hope everybody is doing well. You may have seen the title of the article and understood what I am going to discuss today. Another important thing is if you find any mistake in the article, let me know in the comments. So without further ado, let’s move on to the main topic.

But we are very conscious about food. Did you know that the kidneys have a relationship with food? But not all foods are good. There are some foods that pose a threat to the kidneys. Let’s find out what are they ??

1. Overeating

Regardless of the food, if one gains weight due to overeating, the kidneys may be directly damaged for that weight.

2. Excess salt

Those who eat extra salt have a direct increase in their blood pressure. And this salt can also damage the kidneys. And those who eat extra salt are more likely to have kidney stones. That is why excess salt should be avoided.

3. Excess sugar or sweet.

Those who have diabetes must avoid sweet foods. And besides that, ordinary people should also avoid sugar. But you can eat the sweets that are in the fruit. Because they do no harm to the kidneys. It is not likely to cause diabetes. But eating sweets directly is very risky. Such as: soft drinks. 1 bottle of the soft product i.e. 250 ml bottle contains 45 grams of sugar. And 1 gram of sugar contains 4.50 kcal. Then you say how harmful it is and this sugar goes directly into the blood.

4. Cholesterol-rich foods.

The foods we eat and the animal oils we have, such as beef, and mutton, have a lot of cholesterol in their fats. Ghee and butter also contain a lot of cholesterol. Therefore, all foods that contain cholesterol should be avoided. This is because cholesterol builds up in the blood vessels. So we know that the amount of blood vessels in the kidneys is the highest. Because it is 1 part of 150 parts of our body is the weight of kidney. And 1 in 4 of the blood goes to the kidneys. So cholesterol damages the blood vessels of the kidneys.

5. Fry in extra oil

Excess fried burns damage blood vessels. That’s why never eat fried things. And if you have to eat, grill or burn. But do not eat fried in oil.

So, friends, these foods do more damage to the kidneys. So avoid the foods mentioned above. Then you will get relief from kidney problems.
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Five foods that can damage the kidneys, Five foods that can damage the kidneys


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