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Five incredible and mysterious places in India

Five incredible and mysterious places in India

Incredible India! Really incredible. There are some incredible and mysterious things in India. Which is absolutely unknown to everyone. If you know that, you will be shocked. Every corner of the country is shrouded in mystery. You will be thrilled to know that.

1) Levitating Stone – It is located in Shibapur, Maharashtra. Hazrat Kamar Ali Darvesh ruled over this place in Pune. Currently where the temple is located. That was the place where exercise was done 800 years ago. A saint placed a stone there for physical exercise. The weight of this stone is about 80 kg. It is said that anyone can easily pick up the name of Kamar Ali.

2) Land of Black Magic – It is located in Mayong, Assam. The village is located 40 km from the main city of Guwahati. This place is located near the holy sanctuary. It is said that the word Mayang comes from the Sanskrit word. Here a person is turned into an animal by chanting mantras. Which is really awful.

Five incredible and mysterious places in India

3) Lake of Skeleton – It is located in the Roopkund valley of Uttarakhand. It is located at an altitude of about 18,500 feet. This entire lake is covered with ice. If you go to this lake, your spine will become absolutely cold for fear of an unknown. There are 600 human skeletons in this valley.

4) Mass Bird Suicide – It is located in Jatinga, Assam. This place is located in the Borail hills of Assam. Between September and October, many bird carcasses are found in this place. At this time a strange pull of death can be noticed among the birds. They rush towards trees or houses at high speed as if they are waiting for death.

5) Asia’s Cleanest Village – It is located in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. The name of the village is Maulinong. Which is called God’s Own Garden. It has also received international respect. Absolutely ideal for eco-tourism. Everyone in this village is used to speaking English.

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