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Five things that should not be done if you have acne

Five things that should not be done if you have acne

The word acne is very annoying and frightening to any girl. Because acne destroys the beauty of the whole face. Poisons life. Acne mainly affects the face due to physical problems. However, there are many ways to overcome it. 5 acne

  • There is no alternative but to wash your face with cold water to keep your face clean. Wash and clean your face at least twice a day. However, if you have acne on your face, you need to clean your face once a day. Excessive face wash dries the skin. Dry skin produces more oil. Which increases the tendency to acne.
  • Use antibiotic cream to get rid of acne. You can apply the paste you use at home in place of brown. However, if you use more than one cream in place of acne, there is a possibility of skin damage.
  • Refrain from applying makeup if it is brown. Bron can be more permanent if more makeup is used.
  • If you have acne, never poke it with your nails. Then the place may become stained. Avoid scratching or scratching your nails.
  • Dandruff often causes acne. Keep hair clean regularly. If dandruff occurs in the hair, make arrangements to remove it.
Five things that should not be done if you have acne

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