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Flowers of War The story of a group of prostitutes

Flowers of War The story of a group of prostitutes

“Prostitutes never care

About a falling nation, ”

They sing and dance

While others are dying. ”

“Prostitutes never cry

For the fallen nation

They dance and sing

When everyone else dies. ” (Paraphrase)

The Flowers of War The story is about a teenager and a group of teenagers. A drunken American Mortician (who buries corpses) and a church. After all, the story is of war. 1938, Second Sino-Japanese war. After 20 days of bombing, the Japanese captured the Chinese capital, Nanking.

John Miller (Bale), an American mortician, arrives at the Red Cross-run Catholic Church in Nanking to bury the dead priest. The church had a group of young schoolgirls and a boy of the same age, George. After a while, a group of prostitutes came and took refuge in the secret basement where the girls of the church were hiding. The next day a platoon of Japanese soldiers attacked the church. Even if the prostitutes can hide in a safe place then the schoolgirl cannot.

Soldiers try to rape them. John then identifies himself as Priest after wearing Priest’s clothes and goes to save the girls. But you can’t. Chinese Major Li (Dawei Tong), the only survivor of his troop, risked his life to fight and protect the girls.

This time Japanese Colonel Hasegawa appeared on the scene. He expressed regret over the attack on the church. Priest Rupee promises John that there will be no more attacks and he leaves guards outside the church to protect the church girls.

There is no certainty of death once you go out and no guarantee of how long you will be safe inside the church. John and George are trying to fix the wrecked car in the church so they can escape. The Japanese army is standing around the church with guns, but there is a group of prostitutes inside.

Then? Did John manage to escape with everyone? Did Colonel Hasegawa really want to protect the girls? If you want to know, watch the movie as soon as possible. I promise the eyes will get wet.

The horror of the war has been highlighted in a great way. The background music is amazing from the first second. The cinematography is beautiful. There is a very beautiful song.

Christian Bale has fascinated me as always. The heroine (one of the prostitutes) Ni Ni won the Asian Film Award in the Best Newcomer category for this film. Flowers of War


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