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Uncharted (2022) Movie

How can a movie based on a video game be more lifeless than a game? Knock against the gaming world has been around for a long time. Uncharted (2022) Movie

That they lack human resources but based on the fact that Ruben Fleischer’s “Uncharted” feels more empty than the award-winning franchise. Dominated by the special effects of the green screen and the slender treasure-hunt plotting, “Uncharted” basically lacks a sense of adventure that has made Sony games one of the most popular games of all time.

The most striking thing is how much more cinematic the games seem in terms of world construction, character, and narrative than the actual movies. It’s not as catastrophic as some video game adaptations, and it’s at least light enough at its feet that it can never insult the intelligence of its fan base. Not because a lot of these movies do. However, “Uncharted” seems to want to make Nathan Drake’s video game adventure his own.

It takes no risk and feels like an empty minimal effort in storytelling. Roger famously said that video games can never be art. Based on this movie is definitely more artistic.

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) was conceived as a throwback to the Indiana Jones and serial adventure films that inspired him. He should be a smooth-talking treasure hunter. Someone who exists in a slightly gray moral area where priceless patterns should be stolen because no one else like Drake can appreciate them.

Holland has agility but lacks the necessary weight and world-fatigue for a character like Drake, who grew up in an orphanage and is willing to steal to meet the end. If Indiana is usually the smartest person in a house.

Drake, however, must have the sharpest instincts, a man who sees the puzzle of history from a place of skill and courage. Holland is an intelligent actor, but he made a mistake here, always dressing up as a kid in his favorite video game character.

While working at a bar and stealing jewelry from his patrons, Drake is approached by Victor Sullivan aka Sully (Mark Wahlberg), who tells him that he came close to Nathan’s brother Sam, one of the most famous lost treasures in history.

They stole the diary of the famous explorer Juan Sebastian Elkano, which would lead them to the treasure hidden by the Magellan expedition. They quickly made their way to Santiago Moncada (an Antonio Banderas used so little that one would have to believe that half of it was cut off).

Heir to the family that funded the original expedition. Monkadar’s wish is enforced by Joe Braddock (Tati Gabriel) and the boys reunite with one of Sully’s old colleagues in Barcelona, ​​named Chloe Frazier (Sophia Ali, who steals movies).

The “unfamiliar” characters in the Spanish and Philippine voyages push these characters away from each other, but there is no weight in anything. It is performing the green screen which ignores how important a setting can be in such a picture.

Whether Nathan and Chloe are crawling for hidden treasures through a nondescript tunnel or Sully entering one of the few fight scenes of the real Papa John, the design never seems to be considered. A movie like “Uncharted” has to transport viewers. We have to go on the ride, not just watch the actors pretend to fall off the plane.

“Unknown” games take players around the world. You will never get that feeling during this cold, distant adventure film.

If the worst video game saves some “stranger” from the depths of adaptation, it’s the relative attraction of the cast. Holland may be wrong, but he’s just an incredibly favorite movie star, and I hope he can find the parts that will make the best use of his charm.

Wahlberg has struck a fine balance between his charisma and the tired tones of a treasure hunter who has seen and done enough and only wants the ultimate gig that can set him up for life. Banderas is ruined and Gabriel is inconsistent, but Ali is arguably a performer who finds that “strangers” should be fun. When he is on screen he gives the film some much-needed strength and unpredictability.

“Uncharted” is another project that has gone through so many potential production teams over the years that it has lost its identity. Various filmmakers tried to make this movie and David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Joe Carnahan, Shawn Levy, Dan Trachtenberg, and Travis Knight are all rumored to be back in 2008 ৷ all rumored or even linked.

When a project goes through many iterations over the years, it can often lead to a final film that feels like a compromise, a waterlogged version that takes on the most common, most basic elements of everything proposed over the years.

Checks the box for “strangers” fans and newcomers but does it in a predictable way that lacks no edges or spark. I’ve played “unfamiliar” games more than once from start to finish, a multi-hour promise. It may only take two hours to see.


  • Tom Holland
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Sophia Ali
  • Tati Gabrielle
  • Antonio Banderas

    Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing
    Release dates:
    February 7, 2022 (Barcelona)
    February 18, 2022 (United States)
    Running time – 116 minutes
    Country – United States
    Language – Hindi
    Budget – 120 million
    Box office – $ 357.9 million

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