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Ways to stay free from harmful radiation on mobiles

Ways to stay free from harmful radiation on mobiles

Mobile phones are now a necessity in our daily lives. Which has become a constant companion. Ways to stay free from harmful radiation on mobiles

However, the harmful rays coming out of the mobile, the radiation of which damages our body in many ways. We don’t realize it at the moment, but it has far-reaching effects. Since you have to use mobile to keep pace with the times, find out how you can use mobile to keep yourself free from the effects of its harmful rays.

harmful radiation on mobiles

* Many people keep mobile book pockets in their pockets to avoid pickpockets on the bus or train. Its harmful radiation directly damages the heart.

* Do not talk while sitting on the mobile charge. If not needed, let it be fully charged. Then use the phone. If not, talk openly from the charge.

* Do not use mobile in crowded closed places. It hurts you as well as others. Because to get the tower, the mobile radiates more harmful rays.

* Do not use mobile in a weak signal area. In this, the mobile radiates more harmful rays.

* When dialing to talk on the phone, do not keep it in the ear until the other end is picking up the phone. If you practice like this every day throughout the day, you will be able to survive at least a little bit.

* If you have to talk on mobile for a long time, then use headphones or turn on the speaker.

* Many times smartphones become a low batteries. In that case, talk as little as you can. Low battery phones emit more harmful rays.

* If necessary, message without speaking. If the real purpose is to reach the message without speaking, then message without speaking.

* If you don’t need it, keep your mobile off while sleeping at night. If not, at least do not place the mobile in bed.

* Do not rely on cheap phones or Chinese models. The loss will be more than the profit. Use the phone of a reputed company even if it is not expensive.

Ways to stay free from harmful radiation on mobiles


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