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Generic System Image (GSI) – What is Rom?

Generic System Image (GSI) – What is Rom?

Today’s topic is Generic System Image What does it mean?

So let’s get started, and learn something new.

Generic System Image This is a custom ROM that has been created for many devices with one.

Usually, we know that a custom ROM can only be used on one device. If I use the custom ROM of one device on another device, then I suffer from many problems like boot loop, brick, mobile dead. But GSI or Generetic System Image is a custom ROM that can be installed on any mobile.

Hold on,
I have a GSI Rom or Generetic System Image (Rom) now my device is Poco X3 and your device is Redmi k20 Pro your friend’s device is Samsung A20s.

Now we thought that the three of us would give a new lease of life to our mobile in a new way using custom ROM. Which your mobile could never have imagined.

Since we will install a custom ROM, we will need three custom ROMs for our three devices, right? But now if I say, we don’t need three custom ROMs, we can install three custom ROMs (GSI ROMs) with one ROM. So the matter is not very fun?

Yes, this is a Generic System Image or GSI (ROM).

Now many may wonder what else is it?

The main reason for doing this post is that you already have an idea of ​​what GSI Rom is.

And the main point is that there are many mobiles for which there is no custom ROM. They can’t take the taste of custom ROM.

So the developers thought, before a custom ROM could be used only on a mobile, now it is not possible to make a rom that will be a rom for all mobiles.

Generic System Image (GSI) - What is Rom?
Generic System Image (GSI) – What is Rom?

As the days go by we are getting acquainted with many new things. So I thought I would share something new with you.

And if you have any problems understanding, please comment and let everyone know. We will talk to you again in the next post. About something new.

I will discuss what will be required to install it in the future and whether your mobile is Project Treble Supported.

I said goodbye like today. Everyone will be fine and healthy.


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