Ghost stories

Ghost stories-stories: well-wishers

Ghost stories-stories: well-wishers

Mitu has been married to Antu for 2 months.

Antu is a doctor. After the marriage, they moved to the hospital quarters. Ajpara village hospital. There is no one else in the quarters except them. Antur is often on duty at night. While waiting for Antu, Mitu doesn’t sleep well at night. Ghost stories-stories: well-wishers

Even today Antu is on night duty. Loadshedding on him again. Mitu tries to sleep by opening the window a little. The sound of crickets outside. The room looks strange after the moonlight comes through the window grille. Mitu’s bed by the window. Upstairs is a rack and front door.

3 o’clock at night. Mitu fell asleep. Suddenly in his sleep, he felt as if someone was calling his name.

“Mitu…, this Mitu …”

“Huh,” said Mitu in his sleep.

“Listen carefully to what I say.” Feminine muffled voice. As if talking to someone in secret.

The sound is coming from behind the shelf on the other side of the room. Mitu fell asleep. When the brain starts to work, Mitu freezes in fear. Mitu knows that it is not possible to have anyone behind Alna at this time. Maybe he dreamed in his sleep, thinking that he wanted to calm himself down. Suddenly Mitu smells the intense bud buds. There are no flowering plants around the house.

“Who?” , Says Mitu, saving courage with great difficulty.

“Don’t be afraid, I wish you well.” Fees again.

Fear makes Mitu unconscious. This time there is no time to think of it as a dream.

“Today is your big danger”, Mitu hears Fishfishani. .

“What do you do if you know my danger?”, Mitu whispered. Mitu did not intend to listen to anyone.

“I know, listen carefully to what I say. Tell your husband to leave now. Don’t be late, as long as you have work to do.”

“Okay. Guys. But why?”

No more answers. Fear of Mitu’s “well-wishers” is a state of suffocation. Even so, Antu felt very much in need of Mitu. Mitu did not hesitate to call Antu after hearing the words “well-wisher”.

Ghost stories-stories: well-wishers

“Hello Antu”

“Tell Mitu.”

“It’s very dangerous at home, you come away,” said Mitu with panic.

“What happened at home?”, Antu said in a worried voice.

“You can’t say on the phone, you come. Please, Antu”, Mitu said in a sobbing voice.

“Coming right now. I’m in a delivery case in the next village. Please be patient”, Antu hung up the phone.

A minute later, the door slammed.

“Mitu, get up, are you asleep?”

Mitu has never been so happy to hear Antu’s voice.

The room is still dark. The light of the moon indicates what is in the room.

Leaving the words behind Alna in his head, Mitu jumped up and opened the door.

“Did you sleep? Why didn’t you light a candle? Nothing can be seen.”

“I fainted a little. What’s the smell on your body?”

“Say no more. Today I did a postmortem on a one-month-old grave, a murder case. It’s the smell of a corpse a month ago.”

Mitu also heard about the murder a month ago. One man’s body was found in a pond. The killer plucked out his two eyes. The idea was that someone would take revenge for his own misdeeds. That man had a history of defeating many women.

“Go take a bath”

“Okay. I’ll take a little rest.”

Mitu’s body was confused by the smell. Mitu wonders if he will tell Antu what happened a while ago. Before I fell, I thought a little rest.

Mitu goes to fetch candles from the next room. Mitu is very proud of Antu for leaving him alone at night. Where he left the ghost, he went to the next village to do medicine. With this thought in mind, Mitu thought, it should take at least 10 minutes to come by bike from the village next to Antur. Mitu did not hear the sound of anyone’s bike or car. With the smell of the dead body again, and a little earlier warning message. Panic spreads through Mitu’s spine. Mitu thought a little calmly. Then he went to the door with very weak legs and slammed the door very loudly.

“What happened to Mitu? Why did you close the door?”

“That’s what I’m saying from here. Go!”

Dham, Dham knocked on the door twice.

“Open the door, I’m Antu.”

“I know what you are. From here.”

This time there is no more talk from the side of the door. A few moments passed in uncomfortable silence. Then suddenly the sound of knocking started coming from the side of the door. Sounds like jumping loudly. Jhun … Jhun … Jhun …

Dham Dham. Two more knocks on the door. The door will be broken with brutal force. Mitu pressed the door vigorously from this side of the door. At that time Mitu gets the sound of a bike. Then there was a loud knock on the front door. The awful smell also slowly goes away. Mitu shouted from the side of the door, “Antu, where have you been?”

“In the next village, the delivery case”.

This time Mitu leaves half. There were tears in Mitu’s eyes in panic. There are tears of joy now.

Ghost stories-stories: well-wishers


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