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Hack NASA with HTML is very easy

Hack NASA with HTML is very easy

Many of you joke about being a NASA hacker with HTML. So let’s find out today.

A few days ago, the source code of PHP language was hacked. Do you understand? About 70% of the websites on the Internet use language that has been created, the source code of that language was hacked and changed!

However, PHP is not the main language of website building. Rather, the main language of the website is HTML. Even then, many joked, “Will NASA be hacked with HTML?” Experts often say the same thing; however, their purpose is not to minimize HTML. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Notice that almost all websites, except for a few on the Dark Web (and the Internet in general), are built with HTML. This language is maintained by a community called W3C and WHATWG. Currently, various websites (especially online shopping platforms) use REST API. Let those who do not know about API know-

API is a program that is used to transfer data from one website to another.

The REST API sends this information as JSON, XML, or HTML. So, understand that HTML is involved in everything from creating a website to sending information to a website.

Hack NASA with HTML
Hack NASA with HTML 

Again, you may use Wi-Fi. Even if the Wi-Fi router has a switch, all the data coming from the router to your device in a wireless manner is broadcast like a hub; That is, the data sent to you go everywhere within the range of that router. When you finally find your device, that data is sent to your device.

And, this data will come from the website through HTML. However, when the router broadcasts this data, bad hackers will be able to take a copy of this data from your router. And, if you can decrypt the encrypted Html information in any way, all your personal information will be clearly visible.

Besides, the Javascript files that are extracted from the source code of the website during hacking are in HTML! At the same time, the TCP protocol that your web browser creates a connection to the website when you enter the website is established through HTML.

Again, many websites can verify a lot with the HTML code (key: value) sent through your web browser. In that case, these codes of your web browser will be under your control. So, you can get a lot of sensitive information by changing these if you want. In particular, HTML is required after web server hacking.

Basically, almost everything about web hacking is done through HTML. Be it direct or indirect. Many HTML methods are outdated. And, that’s the problem. Because the old method is used by cybercriminals in a new way. NASA hacker with HTML


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