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Happy boat trip near Dhaka, the total cost is only 70 rupees

Happy boat trip near Dhaka, the total cost is only 70 rupees

Dhaka has the opportunity to breathe purely. There is an opportunity to float in the fresh air. It doesn’t happen just because you don’t know the way. An exciting trip near Dhaka can be completed in one day. Which will refresh your mind a lot.

২৫ 25 minutes in the fresh air of the Balu river

A 25-minute cruise from Beraid in Dhaka’s Badda area to Ichapura in Rupganj. This trip with the addition of a trawler on the sand river will give you a very pleasant and joyful time. Travel may be in the opposite direction. For example, from Ichapura in Rupganj to the Baddar Beraid area.

Whatever. The trip will be enjoyable for very little money. How much will it cost? No worries. A trawler will cost only 20 rupees. However, there is also an opportunity for ‘Student Hire’ for students on this route. In this case, the rent will be 10 rupees.

How to get there?

You will come to the new market area of ​​Gulshan from anywhere in Dhaka. From the new market, stand at the corner of 100 feet road (opposite road to Gulshan) and go straight to Balu river ghat by battery-powered autorickshaw. The name of this area is Beraid. Battery-powered autorickshaw fare is 20 rupees. Beraid is a village hat area.

You can turn around if you have time. Then get on the Ichapuragami trawler. If there are only 6 passengers, the trawler will start. Then travel 25 minutes. This trip can give you some relief from mechanical fatigue. If you want to go down to Ichapura, you can eat sweets.

The sweets here are famous. There are many battery-powered autorickshaws at the river bank in Ichapura. Get on the battery-powered autorickshaw in Khilkhet. The rent will be 20 rupees. There is also Cineogio. In that case, the rent will be 30 rupees. Go down to Khilkhet and go home.

▶ The total cost is 60 rupees

Battery-powered autorickshaws from New Bazaar to Beraid will cost Tk 20. After that, the trawler will cost 20 rupees. To get down from the trawler to Ichapura and come to Khilkhet, you will have to pay 20 rupees for a battery-powered autorickshaw.

Happy boat trip

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