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Hate Story 3 (Life is all about sex)

Hate Story 3 (Life is all about sex)

The film was released on December 5 last year. The film with a budget of thirteen crore rupees earned nine crores and seventy lakh rupees on the first day of its release.

At the end of the week, the income of the film stood at thirty-five crore and twenty lakh rupees. What’s in this picture? Nothing. There is no good story, no good acting. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

The story revolves around the inauguration of the hospital of renowned business magnate Aditya Diwan (Sharman Joshi) and his wife Shriya Diwan (Jerin Khan) named after Aditya’s late elder brother Vikram Diwan.

It was there that Sourav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) gifted an expensive car to an influential Aditya. And invites for lunch. Aditya and Shriya attend the party and Sourav offer, Aditya, that he will give Aditya as much money as he needs for the business.

But for her, she wants Shriya to be with her for one night. Aditya does not agree to this. And Saurabh mixes harmful chemicals in Aditya’s soft drink factory to get his revenge.

As a result, those who later drank the drink became ill. Aditya, after learning of Sourav’s misdeeds, sends a high-ranking official of his office to Kaya (Daisy Shah) to gather all the information about Sourav. I don’t understand a story here. Kaya goes to Sourav and wants to be a good friend of his. But how that friendship goes to bed in a little while. I did not understand that.

Anyway, at one point Saurabh kills Kaya. While kissing, Kaya suddenly pressed on her throat and Kaya died. There is a hole here too. He pressed his throat and died. How is this? You have to take a little time to kill the pressure! Aditya was later blamed for Kayar’s death and was arrested by the police.

Shriya seeks refuge with Sourav to acquit her husband and then Shriya has sex with Sourav. That’s when Shriya discovers. The tattoo on Sourav’s back is in exactly the same place as Aditya’s dead elder brother Vikram. From here the story goes back to flash.

It is seen that Shriya has a relationship with Vikram but on the other hand, she also loves Aditya. Aditya conspires to kill Vikram and Shriya helps him in this task. After Vikram’s death, Aditya became the owner of all the property.

With that, Shriya gets it as a bonus. But later Shriya was surprised to see Vikram come back in another form. He wants to come to Vikram by making his own mistake. At the very end of the picture, it is seen that Saurabh is not Vikram, but Vikram’s friend. Although Vikram did not die in Aditya’s conspiracy, he lost two legs.

Seeing this dilapidated state of the friend, Sourav appeared in the lives of Aditya and Shriya. Delivers them at the very last moment.

Hate Story 3 (Life is all about sex)

This was the summary of the story of the much-discussed film. Although the story is not appropriate at times, the performances of the actors and actresses are often distracting. I didn’t get that in this picture either. The two central actresses in the film, Jerin Khan and Daisy Shah, did not seem to know about acting.

I didn’t get to act in other scenes as smoothly as they did in bed scenes. Sharman Joshi’s performance also did not look appropriate. I did not expect such a bad performance from this actor in the movie Three Idiots.

Nudity is the main issue in all the films directed or produced by the Bhatt family. Hey brother, these are good things to show.

But at the same time, the story of the film does not have to be good! Our Bangladeshi films are better than starting a song without a reason, covering intimate scenes, trying to match inconsistent sequences.



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