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He drank tea in a plastic cup and died

He drank tea in a plastic cup and died

There is no substitute for tea and coffee, whether it’s to relieve work stress or to hang out. And drinking tea and coffee while standing in a roadside shop outside the house means eating in plastic cups in most cases. Its price is much lower than the price of a glass cup. So plastic cups have become an alternative to glass cups.

But according to doctors, it is not right to drink tea in plastic cups. According to them, the use of plastic water bottles and baby milk bottles, plastic containers, food heated in microwave ovens, food sold in plastic wrap, processed food, instant noodles, and many other things are causing such diseases.

According to researchers, the toxic toxin called bisphenol A in plastics is a big killer in this case. When hot food or drink comes in contact with plastic, that chemical mixes with food. When it enters the body regularly, the normal functioning of the estrogen hormone in women is disrupted. In men, sperm count is reduced. The heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin can also be severely damaged. There is even a risk of breast cancer.

Studies have shown that plastic cups are the most commonly used material. When they enter the body in large quantities, fatigue, loss of hormonal balance, loss of brain capacity – can lead to a number of diseases. For example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used to make bottles or containers is softened using phthalate. This pellet is toxic to our bodies. Multiple studies abroad have shown that regular exposure to these chemicals can lead to diseases such as shortness of breath, obesity, type 2 diabetes, low IQ, autism, and breast cancer.

A recent international survey has revealed a grim picture of the spread of cancer in India. India is second only to China and the United States in the number of cases. According to the study, the number of cancer cases in the country is increasing at a rate of 4.5 to 5 percent per year. So to avoid living a healthy body for a long time, avoid it now, avoid plastic cups, glasses, pots.


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