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Here are 10 reasons why your beauty may be ruined

We all vacation after beauty. Beauty is something that attracts us very much. However, if you want to be beautiful, you can’t be beautiful anymore, it requires care, but we ourselves are responsible for the loss of our beauty. Our personal life, some bad habits all together ruin the health and beauty of the body. Let’s find out now from what we lost our beauty for.

Small mindset

If you notice, you may notice that their personality is reflected in their appearance. Although there is an outward beauty of this kind of people who always behave with a small mindset, do not respect people, he is not a good and good person at all.

Bron khotano:

Bronchitis is a very familiar problem of our skin. And Bron naturally spoils our beauty. But when it comes to skin blemishes, many of us get it. And then the problem of spots appears on the skin. And the beauty is lost.

Hair coloring again and again

The beauty of thick black hair is different. But many of us change our hair color, again and again, to make it fashionable. For a while, the health of the hair is lost, the shine is lost, and the problem of hair loss occurs.

Too much eyebrow plaque

One of the beauty of the eyes is the eyebrows. In particular, women regularly brew plaque every month to enhance their beauty. But there are many people who have eyebrow plaque after a while. This causes the skin under the eyebrows to sag and beauty is disrupted.

Sleeping too much at night and sleeping too much

In daily life, we ​​do not take care of ourselves so busy. Don’t worry about the health of the body. Bad. If you wake up late at night, it will have a bad effect on your face, just like if you sleep too much, it will have a bad effect on your face.


The effect of playing well is later on in the body, the skin is better, the body is healthy. And we all know about the effects of junk food on the body. Junk food is not healthy for our body at all, junk food destroys our skin, weight gain causes various other problems in the body.

Drinking and smoking

We have known for a long time about the bad effects of alcohol or smoking. These things not only ruin the beauty but also destroy the body and push it towards death.

Do not clean the face and sleep with makeup

Many people do not clean their face lazily and go to sleep without cleaning makeup. 2/1 times like this is not a problem but if it becomes your habit then it is very bad for the skin and beauty is also lost.

To quarrel

Many people have a tendency to quarrel over character. There is no talk, there is no message, there is no reason to quarrel without understanding. And for this reason, people do not like them. No matter how decent and beautiful she is, she becomes a laughing stock for everyone because of this problem of her character.

Drinking extra tea/coffee in one day:

Excessive consumption of tea/coffee every day causes the yellowing of teeth. And then the beauty of the teeth is lost, so it is better not to eat extra tea/coffee.

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