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Here are some ways to make a living from a website or blog

Here are some ways to make a living from a website or blog

Many have websites or blogs. What if you get a good monthly income from that website or blog? If your website is well SEOed and ranked. Then it doesn’t matter if you earn Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 per month.

There are many such website owners who are earning more than this every month. So let’s find out how to make money from a website or blog.

Through Advertising:

If your website does not have any kind of copyrighted content, then you can make a good income every month by using Google AdSense Advantages.

In this case, your website must have a good amount of visitors. If you do not have visitors to your website, you will not have any income. If your website has 15 to 20 articles, then you can apply for AdSense.

Through Affiliate Marketing:

Most of the major websites in the world make money through affiliate marketing. The category of your website, the category of products you will market on your website. If someone buys that product from your link, a commission will be added to your affiliate account.

If you want, you can do affiliate marketing with two types of products, physical (clothing, electronics, etc.) and digital (domain, hosting, etc.). However, a little menu hosting websites pay the highest commission (up to 50%).

If you want, you can create a separate website, which will contain only affiliate products.

In the Advertising section of the website:
Many times Google AdSense is not approved. In that case, you can keep a part of your website for your own benefit.

In that part you can deal with different companies, you can advertise different products of that company. By doing this, but a better income will come from there than Google Adsense.

If you have a product of your own, then you can advertise it in this place.

Sponsored Article:

Companies in the category that your website belongs to will ask you to publish one or more articles about their products on your website. And in return, it will give you a good amount of revenue.
However, do not go to advertise any product, but it may reduce your website visitors.

Paid Review:

If your website ranks well, then there are many companies that will ask you to publish their product reviews on your website. In return they pay you.

Try to give product reviews that match the category of your website.

Digital Product Website:

If you want, you can create a separate website with digital products (such as: domain and hosting). And you can make a good income every month by selling them.

However, in order to create such a website, you must have good knowledge about domain and hosting. And you have to give 24 hours support to your customers.

Selling e-books:

There are many authors and publishing companies who publish their books in e-book format. If you want to contact them and sell their books, they will give you a good commission.

Online courses sold:

The current age is the age of online, now people do not want to take courses offline. Nowadays most people want to do their professional courses online. So if you are proficient in any subject, you can sell those courses by making videos or writing articles yourself.

Or you can buy courses from someone and resell them. But you must get permission from that person.

Through e-commerce website:

If you have an idea about e-commerce or online shopping, you can create your own e-commerce website. And from there you can earn a good amount by selling products.

Graphics and image sales:

If you have good video images, you can make money by selling them.

However, it is better to create a separate website.
Selling Website Traffic:

Different individuals or organizations may borrow your visitors from you for their websites. This means providing a promotion link to the website of that person or organization in one of your articles, which we call backlinks.

This will allow you to earn income. However, your website must have visitors.

Lastly, no matter what category of the website you create, be sure to include good content on your website. And bring visitors to your website.

Otherwise, any of the above income options will not work for you.

Here are some ways to make a living from a website or blog

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.


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