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His fingers are 24, relatives ready to sacrifice in greed for hidden treasure

His fingers are 24, relatives ready to sacrifice in greed for hidden treasure

Five by five tens on two hands and five by five on two feet – thus a man has a total of twenty fingers. Unless there are any abnormalities or accidents. A human being, whether he is a child or old or young or old – has a total of twenty fingers.

But a boy from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India, has a total of twenty-four fingers, six on each of his four hands and feet. And for this reason, relatives want to sacrifice him! Her panicked father has lodged a complaint with the local police station.

On Monday, Hindi media Jansatta.com reported that Funnilal, a resident of Guri village in Barabanki district of the province. He has recently stopped going to his son Shivanandan’s school. Because, in the greed of unseen wealth, his relatives can seize him at any time and sacrifice him.

After learning about the 24-fingered ‘strange boy’ Shivanandan, some Tantrics told his relatives that if they could sacrifice this special boy, they would get hidden treasures and possess immense wealth. The eyes of the superstitious relatives became bright with such words. They start preparing to sacrifice Shiva like an animal.

As soon as this news reached Shiva’s father’s ears, he was in a state of panic. She immediately stopped going to her son’s school. Not only that, he left his work and stayed at home all day with his son. Because, who knows when something bad will happen!

A relative informed the police that one-day Shivanandan was caught by his influential relatives and taken to a garden. Special puja lessons are organized there. There were plans to sacrifice him at the end of it.

But he survived the service for a reason – that day was Friday. According to the black magic Tantrics, Shivanandan has to be sacrificed on Thursday for salvation and the gain of wealth. The greedy relatives forgot about this. So he survived the cold-blooded murder.

They later returned Shiva and told him that they would sacrifice the boy in due course. He also threatened his family not to oppose it.

Local police circle officer Umashankar Singh said he would conduct an impartial inquiry into the whole matter. According to him, Funnilal is very poor. So as long as he is in charge, he will pay for Shivanandan’s education. – The voice of tomorrow

His fingers are 24


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