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How to Clean a Computer

How to Clean a Computer

Due to daily use, a lot of germs accumulate on the computer screen and keyboard. Besides, there is the oppression of dust and sand. It is therefore important to clean the computer regularly to remove dust and germs. Learn how to clean a computer instantly.

– Soak the microfiber cloth with a little white vinegar and carefully wipe the computer keyboard.

– Wipe the monitor with a soft, dry cloth to clean loose dust.

– Remove stains on the monitor screen with a glass cleaner.

– If you want to clean the corners of the keyboard, soak a piece of cotton in white vinegar.

– Clean the dust on the keyboard with the help of a brush every day.

– You can remove the whole computer by making a cleaning solution by mixing water with white vinegar.

– You can also clean the keyboard and monitor with the help of rubbing alcohol.


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