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How to create a freelancing portfolio

How to create a freelancing portfolio

Freelance Outsourcing. The young generation is more interested in this free profession. Freelancers or freelancers earn their living by doing various IT jobs abroad. But how to get started, what to know from a freelancer – many are hesitant. Many do not even get the right direction.

It is very important to have a portfolio or work sample to get a job in the freelance marketplace. All freelance marketplaces have the opportunity to add a portfolio or work samples to your profile. Many profiles cannot attract the attention of clients due to a lack of a good quality portfolio. Because, many clients want to see different job samples to get an idea about you before ordering work. Clients may not be able to work if you do not show the samples quickly. And so no matter what you do in the freelance marketplace, you need to create and showcase your own work samples in advance. In addition to the sample, you need to have a PDF format of three to four notable works ready.

All marketplaces have the option to add a separate portfolio for each profile. As a result, you can add some good-quality work samples to this portfolio section. The portfolio can be displayed for free on various websites including Marketplace as well as Behan and Dribble. But it is best if you open a website and display your portfolio. As a result, you can get work orders directly from the marketplace as well. In addition to giving a sample of your work in the portfolio, you must add pictures. It is good to be able to describe your job information in a few words. Because, when the text is big, the clients are not interested in reading and leave the profile. And so you have to create a portfolio suitable for the marketplace as well as the client’s work directly.

No matter what kind of work you do in the freelance marketplace, you need to follow the following steps to create your own portfolio website.

Website design

The portfolio website needs to be designed in such a way that the information of all the significant work done by you can be easily seen. It is better not to use too many designs or features on the website. One thing to keep in mind is that no information or features can be added to the website that annoys clients.

Skills information

All you need to do is add information to the portfolio website. It is better not to mention any subject if you do not know or have little idea. This means that you may have an idea about search engine optimization (SEO), but you wrote in the portfolio that you are proficient in Facebook advertising and Google services. If a client lets you do things later, you will have a bad idea. Even if you are really good at it, he will have doubts and will not give you a job.

Personal information

You need to provide detailed information about yourself in simple language with beautiful pictures on the website. You can also highlight your hobbies, what you love to do, and whether any of your work has been published in media or web portals.


You need to provide an e-mail address as well as a telephone number for quick communication with you. There are several communication tools available online today that you can add to the website.

Type of service

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. If required, you can present helpful information on various pages under multiple types of services.


If you have worked for a client before, you will need to provide detailed information about those jobs in this section. If you don’t have work experience, no problem. Try to learn the good work done by different people or organizations on your own. After learning, you have to show your work in the department.


In this section, you need to submit pictures of your work in the field that you are good at. One thing to keep in mind is that the images can be viewed well on computers as well as mobiles.


The homepage provides an opportunity to view all the information on the website at a glance. And so here you have to briefly highlight your personal information.


You need to make sure that the website you create is able to present your skills and significant aspects well. For this, you must use the correct font and color on the website.


You can add testimonials to other clients about any work done earlier in this section. As a result, clients will get a good idea about you before they hire and will be interested in hiring.


If you have a hobby and time for writing, you can add a blog section. This will give clients a chance to know you better.

Payment gateway

This section should clearly state which medium you are interested in taking your fee. You can add different payment gateways if you want, so that clients can easily pay you.


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