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Backlinks checker tool! how to find backlinks of competitors

backlinks checker tool! how to find backlinks of competitors

Backlinks are very important for any website, meaning that if you can create backlinks correctly, you can easily rank on Google. So today, the backlinks checkers that I will introduce you through the backlink checkers you can know about the backlinks of your competitors.

If anyone has any idea about backlinks then read this post

What are backlinks?

How does backlink work ..?
What is the role of backlinks in Google rankings?
So before you go into detail about backlinks you need to know a few things. Because when you use these tools to analyze backlinking. Then you will see many such things. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain authority is how powerful that domain is. And this domain authority factor has been developed by Moj and the range of this domain authority is from 1 to 100.
1 is the domain authority is low and 100 is the domain authority is high
For example, Facebook’s domain authority is 100 (High) and YouTube’s domain authority is 100 (High).
There is one more thing that is happening in the same way.

Page Authority:

Page Authority is also a developer by Moz and it also has a range of 1 to 100. Which is less than 1 and more than 100. This means that when you create backlinks, if you get from high domain authority, that is, 40/50/60, if you create backlinks from such domain authority, you can rank your site in Google very quickly.

Page Rank:

Normally Google defines the page rank. Page rank is defined from one to ten. All the websites that have page rank 10 are very high. And if you can create backlinks from them, you can easily rank your site.

Anchor Text:

Anchor Text is basically the text from which you get backlinks to your website. And if it is your branded keyword then it is best.

Referring Domain:

The referring domain is the number of domains that have backlinks to your website.

how to find backlinks of competitors

Then the thing that is there is happening.
Number of Backlinks:
That means how many backlinks your competitor has or the thing you want to check or how many backlinks there are on that website. You can find out through the Number of Backlinks.
There are two more types of backlinks: Dofollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks:

Dofollow backlinks are the most important thing if we can create because it is good SEO, most hi. Normally the backlinks that we do or the link-building campaigns that we do try to make all the links dofollow. Dofollow backlinks provide the signal to search engines.

Nofollow Backlinks:

Nofollow Backlinks have very little ACEO value and no direct value. However, there is an indirect ACEO value such as Nofollow Backlinks that we generate for traffic generation. When we comment from most of the blocks we get Nofollow Backlinks or we can generate traffic through block comments. Although there is no direct ACEO value, ultimately Nufolo backlinks also have ACEO value, but that is indirect.

So let’s get back to our main topic

I have come to you today with some backlinks checker tools, so before we look at all those backlink checker tools, there is nothing more to say.

When you do backlink analysis, you will check the backlinks of big sites. And you will check the popular sites that are related to your site. For example, if your site is an e-commerce site, then Amazon aliexpress, that is, any site related to your site category.

So the first backlink checker tool I would like to introduce to you is the best for me. I use it the most

After visiting this site first, the homepage will look like this in front of your
backlinks checker tool! how to find backlinks of competitors

So after coming here, write the site link of your competitor in the search box. Like my site is a technology subject site. In that case, I will check the site link of Trikbd and show it.

backlinks checker tool
backlinks checker tool! how to find backlinks of competitors

Enter the link in the search box and click on the SEARCH option. After clicking, the captcha may come. Fill in the captcha.

how to find backlinks of competitors

Now you see the domain score is 22 out of 100

This site has a total of 30,099 backlinks. All these backlinks have been created from 312 domains. If you scroll down, you will see some more things like how many Nofollow backlinks there are and how many Dofollow backlinks there are.

Take a look at this pic and see which sites TricBD got backlinks from and what is the domain score of the site from which it got. (If you can create backlinks from such high score domains, then your site can rank very fast)

And you can go to the link and see where the backlink is. To see it, follow the author’s text and you will get the backlink. You do a little analysis.

In detail, the post will be bigger.

Below are the links to the rest of the backlink checker tools. You will check and see the same rules.

One last thing to say, you must create backlinks to get your site ranked on the first page of Google quickly.


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